How Catalyze AI is Helping Financial Advisors Attract More Local Clients

Brian Thorp
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It may not come as a surprise to hear that significant life events like inheritance, divorce, or the sale of a business represent a primary catalyst for people to hire a new financial advisor.

But for financial advisors with the knowledge and experience to help clients navigate these stressful times in their lives, a primary challenge has been getting discovered in a timely manner when these individuals and families need professional guidance and advice the most.

Fortunately, a team of former financial advisors saw this challenge as an opportunity, and the result is Catalyze AI.

Catalyze AI is a wealthtech startup and lead generation tool for financial advisors that identifies local prospects in need of advisory and planning services following a disruptive life event. Launched in 2021, the company combines innovative technology with the experience and knowledge of its founders to help financial advisors grow their business with predictive analytics.

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Q&A with Catalyze AI Chief Revenue Officer, Rylan Folts

We asked Catalyze AI Chief Revenue Officer Rylan Folts to tell us more about the company and its unique approach to using predictive analytics to create new lead generation opportunities for financial advisors.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Catalyze AI?

Co-founder and CEO Sam Kendree and I began our careers as financial advisors. During that time, we acknowledged often a new client comes through the door following a catalyst event that causes them to need our services. We would grow our book under the motto, “Money in motion creates opportunity”.

We created Catalyze AI to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify these high-propensity individuals top of funnel, to build our book of business, and help provide fantastic advice and service to our local community.

Q: What are the primary catalysts relevant to financial advisors you monitor for today?

We identify a suite of “life events” that result in high-net-worth (HNW) individuals needing all aspects of holistic wealth management.  The most relevant event we track in real-time is money flowing to the next generation via inheritances. Each year, we identify 3 trillion dollars of wealth flowing to the next generation of families for advisors nationwide.

Q: Can you share an early example of a financial advisor success story using Catalyze AI?

We have seen a great deal of success with the advisors on our platform. The more touchpoints advisors have with the prospect, the higher the percentage of success that can be expected. For example, we have seen several advisors land new clients by sending an email newsletter to their prospects followed up by calling the individuals that engage with the content to offer a free financial or investment plan.

Q: How do you suggest an advisor opens a conversation with a prospect when Catalyze AI has been used to qualify the lead?

Advisors on our platform are seeing success in multiple ways. Most of our advisors utilize Catalyze AI to identify high net worth, high-propensity prospects in their backyard to whom they can market their firm and brand. This allows the advisors to narrow their marketing dollars and increase their ROI by marketing to HNW individuals who need their services.

Many of our advisors use the mentality, “right time, right place”, meaning reaching out to provide value or insight prior to asking the prospect to become a client.

Q: What additional catalysts are you considering adding to your platform in the future for financial advisors?

We are in the 7th inning of adding several additional catalysts that will benefit our current advisor base, as well as future users. We saw a need to provide high net worth, high propensity local prospects for advisors across the nation in a large volume, and are positioning ourselves to be the go-to lead engine for advisors and RIAs that already have a Ferrari of a marketing funnel in place.

Our Predictive Analytics utilize a combination of event driven data, historical data, behavioral analytics.
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